Texas Liability Insurance Requirements | Auto Insurance Facts

Texas Liability Insurance Requirements | Auto Insurance Facts

Every US state has some law to help ensure that drivers are financially responsible for the damage. They may cause when they are driving most drivers to comply with the law, by purchasing the required liability insurance. If you have insurance, your insurer should keep your policy updated to comply with new regulations. As reminder liability coverage actually pays for damage to the other person's property. If an accident causes an injury, this is the type of coverage. That is usually, legally mandated by state law. You may also choose to purchase full coverage, it may be required by your auto lender. What's different about Texas liability insurance requirements? You have heard the saying don't mess with Texas. Texas has some new verification systems, that should force a lot more drivers to buy required coverage.

Auto Insurance Facts | Texas Liability Insurance Requirements
Texas Liability Insurance Requirements | Auto Insurance Facts  

New Verification System

First required minimums and creased in February of 2012. Again if you have coverage now your insurer should be keeping you legal. If you notice a rate increase, it may be partly because of the increased requirements in Texas. Enforcement getting stricter actually, a new verification system called “TexasSure” has made enforcement quite a bit easier for the police. The police may verify your coverage. When they see you on the road with his system. Apparently, it even goes further than this. I traded in my old car recently. I could purchase a new car, of course, I switched my auto insurance to my new car promptly. Then I dropped the coverage on the trade-in within a few weeks. I got a notice that I was still the recorded owner of the old car.

The “TexasSure” system alerted the authorities that I no longer had coverage in this case. It was probably just a case of paperwork not getting filed promptly on the dealers. And of course, I was concerned because I did not want to be responsible, in case the car was in an accident. Before the records had been changed I cleared up with a simple online form that I learned about in the notification letter.

This was not a real problem. But it certainly alerted me to the fact that you cannot hide the fact. That you do not have required coverage on your car. You are also required to produce your proof of auto insurance card in Texas. In order to get your license or registration renewed or in order to pass the required vehicle inspection of course. If you get stopped by a police officer the first things he or she will usually ask you to do is to produce your driver's license and proof of insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas

There are a number of factors of cheapest car insurance quotes Texas and rates knowing What they are and how to best maximize them is the key to reducing your auto insurance Texas quote. Texas has three minimum requirements for total liability insurance.

The first requirement is for injury for a single person accident this has a requirement of $30,000.

The second requirement is for injury or for multiple people in an accident this has a requirement of $60,000.

The third requirement is for property damage this is a requirement of $25,000.

Texas is on the higher end of insurance premium squared to other states in the country. The average premium is a little over $125 per month part of. That is because of Texas as higher minimum auto insurance requirements a lot of other states.

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