Top 4 Things to Know About a Dog Bite Case- Dog Bite Attorney

Top 4 Things to Know About a Dog Bite Case- Dog Bite Attorney

Were you bitten by a dog and wondered, if you have a claim for your injuries? Then read this article for the three things, you need to know for a viable dog bite claim. First of all, this is not a commentary on dangerous dogs. I love dogs, and I've seen good and bad dogs of all breeds. But, according to the Center for Disease Control, there are about 4.5 million dog bites every year. And that's a lot of dog bites. And the majority of them happened to child attacked by a dog, between 5-9 years old. According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog bites cost insurance companies over 600 million dollars in 2016.

Top 4 Things to Know About a Dog Bite Case- Dog Bite Attorney
Top 4 Things to Know About a Dog Bite Case- Dog Bite Attorney

The numbers of dog bites are increasing every year. From 2015 to 2016 they jumped 18%. This corresponds to what's happening in most dog bite attorney practice. They are getting more and more dog bite calls. Very generally speaking, there are a few elements that are required in all dog bite cases.

1)    You were bitten or injured by a dog

2)    You weren't trespassing on the property

3)    You didn't provoke the dog

4)    You suffered some sort of injury

Generally speaking, that's the law. But, there are three things you need to make a really viable dog bite claim. Make sure you know the dog bite law in your state. There are two broad categories of dog bite laws.

1. Strict Liability

The first is called strict liability. That means, is that if the dog bites, the owner is liable. As long as you weren't trespassing, and didn't provoke the animal. Other states follow called one bite rule. That means, that the owner is only going to be liable for the damage caused by the dog. If they know of the dog's dangerous propensities.

For Example: - You the dog bit somebody already, then the dog owner should know and they're on the hook for any subsequent action by the dog.

2. There Needs To Be an Injury

The most common injury most dog bite attorney sees in dog bite cases, is a skin or flesh wound from the bite itself. The key is the scarring, that's going to result from the bite. And scarring is not something that reveals itself very quickly. As such, a dog bite case is not one that you're going to settle right away. You're probably going to have to wait 6 months or 9 months or even a year to see how that scarring turns out. Not only can you recover for your injuries, but you can recover if you miss time at work, and for your medical expenses.

3. Insurance

The third thing that you absolutely have to have in a dog bite case is insurance. If the dog owner does not have homeowners insurance, it's likely that there's not going to be any place to recover from. Can't I sue the dog owner individually, people always ask? But just like an auto accident case with an uninsured driver if there are no insurance proceeds to go after it's very difficult to succeed.

4. Always File a Police Report

One final tip, if you do get bitten by a dog, always file a police report. It's much better to have the police obtain the homeowner’s insurance. Then for you to get it yourself, and, it documents. What happened for the insurance company later on down the road? Alright, it's time for your take on the law. 

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