What is PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection)?

What is PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection)?

There's an insurance benefit you may be paying for and you may need right now.  How to know if you have it and how to get it a car wreck can cause real financial trouble for you. If the wreck wasn't your fault you should be able to recover your losses from the bad driver's insurance company. But, that takes a long time, how can you bridge the gap between now and then. When you bought your auto insurance, you may have purchased coverage called pip Insurance. You don't even remember it pip stands for personal injury protection. Don't worry, we're going to answer four basic personal injury protection PIP questions and you'll practically be an expert.

What is PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection)?

1) What Does Personal Injury Protection PIP Cover?

This is where we really answer the question what is personal injury protection? The main things that personal injury protection pip covers are medical bills and lost income related to the wreck. If the medical bills are not related to the wreck the insurance company doesn't have to pay them. If you miss time from work after a wreck but, it's not because of the injury in the wreck the insurance company doesn't have to pay that either but, of course if you have medical bills or have to miss work right after a wreck it's usually because of the wreck now there are a few other things that personal injury protection (PIP) covers but they don't really come up all that often a couple of other things that are important about what pip covers one is that it doesn't matter whose fault the wreck was and the other is that personal injury protection PIP usually covers losses up to 2,500 or $5,000.

2) How Do You Know If You Have Personal Injury Protection PIP?

At a coverage first of all Texas law says that the insurance company must offer your personal injury protection coverage when they sell you auto insurance policy. When you buy an auto insurance policy and where the auto insurance policy renews. The insurance company gives you something called a declarations page sometimes we call it a Dex page. This is a sample declarations page from one of the major companies and, it basically tells you what coverage’s you have and what vehicles are covered.

Different insurance companies will have slightly different declarations pages but, they all have pretty much the same information. The important thing, for now, is that somewhere on that page it will say personal injury protection and then it will usually say either $2,500 per person or whatever amount you bought. It may say n/a or rejected. If your declarations page looks like you didn't buy it. Don't give up yet tell your insurance company to provide a copy of your written rejection of pip. If they don't have it then you have $2,500 of personal injury protection, if your insurance company does have a copy of your written rejection you probably don't have pip. We figured out whether you have personal injury protection PIP.

3) How Do You Get The Insurance Company To Pay What They Owe?

How do you take advantage of this event this benefit that you paid for the good news is it's usually pretty easy first call your insurance company or the agent who sold you the policy it's helpful. If you have your policy number handy when you call just tell them, you need to file a personal injury protection pip claim. Ask where to send the claim information they may have a form that they want you to fill out. If go ahead and use that form and fill it out. Make sure that you start this process as soon as you can after. Because some policies have a deadline for notifying them of a wreck in order to get your pip benefits. Once the insurance company tells you where to send the information gather your doctor bills, ambulance bills, prescription receipts, and anything else showing medical bills sends them to wherever the insurance company told you to send them.

Also, get a pay stub from your work that shows, how much you get paid and how much time you had to miss, send that in too. It's not a bad idea to get a copy of the police report from the wreck to prove that the wreck happened. The insurance company has 30 days to send you a check. They usually don't give you much trouble. Also, you don't need to wait, until you have all of your receipts and bills. Forth to send in what you have. You can get your reimbursement money right away, when you have more documentation to send in, send that in keep doing that, until either you've been reimbursed all of your expenses and lost income or you hit the pip limit. Doesn’t worry about going over your limit believe me the insurance company is keeping track and they will let when you've hit your limit. 

4) Will Your Insurance Rates Go Up Because You Made A Pip Claim?

Your insurance rates go up. Because you make a pip claim the short answer is “NO”. The longer answer is that your rates may go up because of the wreck. But they won't go up, because of the personal injury protection PIP claim. Don't hide the wreck from your insurance company. They're going to find out anyway, they have more databases than you can imagine for hiding information from them, may violate your duties under your insurance policy.

I mentioned earlier that we would talk a little about a fifth question. I say to talk a little because it can be a complicated question even though it usually isn't first. If you're named on the declarations page you're covered. It covers passengers, who are with you. If you're a passenger with someone, who has PIP they're personal injury protection PIP covers you're PIP might cover you - these are the basics of PIP but there's much more to the subject. The basics are often enough to help you recover your pip benefits and you may not even need a lawyer if that fits your case.

We hope this article gave you the information that you need. Of course, your case may not be simple. The major thing that this article cannot cover is how to handle your claim with the bad driver’s insurance company when the wreck wasn't your fault. This is especially important if your losses and expenses are more than your pip personal injury protection coverage. If you are someone close to you is in that situation contact a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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