About Us

About Us

Hello friends, welcome to my blog – Legal Laws. Let me introduce you myself.

My name is Wajid Ali. I have completed my B.com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree and after that L.L.B (Latin: Legum Baccalaureus/Bachelor of Laws). After achieving my B.com degree I worked as an accountant for over 3 years, and after LLB I started practicing law.

In my whole career, I have studied legal issues of India including other countries and with the help of the internet I am wishing to share my knowledge to the group so that people do not have to hunt a lot online concerning their legal issues, as an alternative, they can get all the information on this single website.

I started Legal Laws 2018 and here I share information concerning most important insight and provide free legal information that includes personal injury attorneys, lawyers, real estate attorneys, loans, insurance and more, helping individuals stay informed and updated and help save time and money in the easy and meaningful way.  
The mission of Legal Laws is to offer the right information regarding legal issues through my website to all those who are looking for info and data regarding law related.

I wish more and more people would get a benefit and can use this website very easily. In this website, every facet regarding legal issues will be enclosed. You can learn innovative information from this website. ‘

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If you have any kind questions or suggestions or just want to send me a message, feel free to comment below. You can also follow me on social media channels.

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